CyM protects the environment and safeguards the Parque La Isla Wetland

Cobre y Metales is committed to protecting the environment and protecting the flora and fauna of the Parque La Isla Wetland in Concón.

Miguel Carmona, Head of the CyM Risk Prevention Department, says that a Maintenance Plan was designed to mitigate dust emissions and explains that a Waste Management Plan was created in order to avoid contaminating the wetland area with waste. relocation of lighting in order to respect nighttime luminosity while respecting the resting hours of the birds in this sector.

Juan Carlos Collao, Field Manager of the Las Gaviotas Plant, says that several positive changes have been made in our company. “Every animal is protected within the facilities. It happens every spring season or local bird nesting season that a contingency plan is made for the safety of the birds. An improvement of 15 meters was carried out from the river towards the interior of the company in order to assimilate the very edges of the wetland.”

According to Collao, plantations of local plants and shrubs from the area of ​​docas, lavender and foxtails were carried out to increase the arrival of insects at the Las Gaviotas Plant, where a pleasant environment was generated in flora and fauna.

“I like to highlight the participation of the children of the Cobre y Metales workers because they created and designed bird houses for the pre-production of local birds such as the chercán and common chincol. Another safeguard towards the environment was the green wall, which is under execution, because it is a visual project that will provide a large amount of flora and fauna to the wetland itself,” says the Field Manager of the Las Gaviotas Plant.

Carmona highlights CyM’s strategic alliances with relevant actors in the ecosystem of the Fifth Region. “For Environmental Policy, we have relations with the Municipality of Concón and the La Isla de Concón Wetland Park Committee.

In addition, we maintain a constant advisor regarding the care of the environment and we look for tools that allow us to protect the flora and fauna of the sector.”

Collao, meanwhile, says that “we review strategic alliances together with Piensa Ambiente, who provides us with many work tools.”