Amalia Toro, HR manager at CyM: “The important thing is that employees feel that this company supports them every day”

How has your experience of working at CyM been?

Imagine working in a college and studying psychology to get to Copper and Metals. Those are the turns of life. We started working on a job in the desert with 5 collaborators and now we are 98 people. It was a tremendous challenge that continues to be a daily challenge. For me, it is a huge responsibility because there are 95 families that depend on a company that has to move and function properly. And the most important thing is that employees feel that this company supports them every day. I feel responsible for the people who work with us. For me, it has been a constant learning process.

What are the challenges of the human resources area?

Personally, I would love that each person who enters Copper and Metals wants to give their best. But they will also receive the best of us. I want them to feel supported and safe. If something happens to a child we will be present. If there is a disease we will be present. If they have a problem we will be present. If they need something we will be present. We are not oblivious to what happens to them.

This year CyM turns 10. What do you feel about this great milestone of the company?

I am proud of the 10 years of the company. Before starting CyM when I was working as a kindergarten, I remember that we had a good conversation with Franck and he said to me: “Why don’t we do something together”. I liked the idea of ​​forming a company and I accepted. I stopped working in a school and we started with CyM. I remember that we started working on a job in the desert with 5 collaborators and now we are 98 people. As I told you before. For me, each stage has been a challenge and we have made progress thanks to the support of our collaborators. There are people who have risked it for us and we have carried out this project.

How do you think those who work with you see you?

Sometimes they see me as heavy. I am direct and undiplomatic. I think I have that from having raised so many children (and generations of students) to say things directly. Also, I think they see me as a person who welcomes and supports their collaborators.

How is leadership built?

In my case it has been natural. By deciding not to go back to school and launching into this adventure of Copper and Metals. I remember that I started doing job interviews, hiring collaborators and meeting people. I am a teacher, psychologist and mother, where one as a mother has that leadership of human resources. I already have a base and so I can carry out my work.

What importance de you give to empathy?

It’s fundamental. To form work teams it is important to understand how the other person is. In my role I must put myself in the place of the other. For example, the end of the year is an important date for everyone to share with their families. And that is what we want in CyM.

How do you see Copper and Metals in 10 more years?

I would love for CyM to be a leader in sustainable energy and contribute to the country. That is the dream we have.

Tell us about your family?

My family is a gift and it is wonderful. I have four grown children. The three little girls are already married and are making their lives. Felipe is single and lives in the south of Chile. The focus is always on my family and now on my grandchildren. I’m a happy person.

How many grandchildren do you have?

I have two (Lucía and José). One more man on the way for April.

A movie to recommend?

The Man Who Whispered to Horses by Robert Redford

A dream trip?

France. I love Paris. I turned 50 in Paris and it was a dream trip.

What are your favorite hobbies?

I love to embroider and ride horses. I have love for horses.

What´s your mare´s name?


A book to recommend?

The Emotional Intelligence of Daniel Goleman or a book by the Argentine writer Florencia Bonelli.

What is your favorite Whatsapp emoji?

The face with the kiss and the face with the laugh.