New vegetation zones at the San Ignacio plant

Jorge Desidel, administrator of CyM, affirms that «the idea of ​​generating green areas in San Ignacio was an idea that we had pending to carry out some time ago. These areas will be a test for us because as we all know this area is extremely arid. In addition, the wind and the sand are factors that harm us. We visited several nurseries in the area to get an idea of ​​the plants that could survive in northern Chile, but we considered making a multiple selection of trees.”

“Our mission is to take care of the nursery every day. So give them their respective vitamins and the amount of water they need. If all goes well we have a vision of what the plant could look like with lots of green areas. Without a doubt, it is something that can benefit us all, “he explained.

At CyM we are committed to the environment. Therefore, there are new areas of vegetation in the San Ignacio plant.