Master Horse Experience

At Cobre y metales we are concerned about constantly improving both our operation towards our clients and the internal dynamics of the team. That is why in our constant search to keep the team motivated, cohesive and empowered is why we came to the interesting and useful work of Soledad Birrel through the Master Horse experience for companies.

The valuable learning that comes from working with horses is based on the herd and its laws. Among others, we seek to recover non-verbal tools of human nature such as: reading the environment, body language and emotions.

In a space of containment, our team was willing to work on trust, fears, respect, humility, teamwork and communication, all of them leaving strengthened from this activity organized by the human resources area of CyM.

“The experience at Caballo Maestro was fascinating. Learning the rules of the herd allowed us to awaken the virtues of each member of our team. Experiencing the qualities of each one so that each one locates his role and responsibility within the group. With the horse as a teammate.

Master Horse helped us to create codes within the CyM work team, strengthening bonds to keep us united. It was definitely an activity that translates into a tremendous contribution to the work dynamics. Having this majestic animal as a companion within the team is an experience that expands to better live the day to day work and therefore family by finding the biological comfort to face situations in a limited time and spending the minimum of energy to achieve it.”

Amalia Toro , Human Resources manager CyM

We believe that this activity is the beginning of a favorable road ahead in search of a solid team, committed and willing to deliver a quality service that benefits both the company and each of its families.

Testimonials of the experience:

-… “I must admit that I did not feel like going, but once there I felt very good, I took many positive things with me…” Pablo

-… “What a pity I didn’t experience this 20 years ago! My life would have been different”…. Anggie

-… “An enriching and recommendable experience that I would like to repeat” …Carlos

-… “It was a nice experience to be with the horses, I never imagined that we could learn about teamwork and about their life. Highly recommended! ….Stephanie